Terminal B at George Bush Intercontinental Airport is set to re-open Wednesday, two weeks after the terminal was forced to close due to the government shutdown. Due to a shortage of available TSA workers, IAH officials announced that the terminal would be closed and that all passengers who would be traveling through Terminal B would […]

Join Our Text Club To Get The Latest Music, Entertainment, Contests And Breaking News On Your Phone. Text VIP to 71007 to join! According to the Washington Post, Congressional leaders and Donald Trump have reached a tentative deal to temporarily reopen the government and continue talks on Trump’s desire for border wall money. With Trump’s […]

If you need a reminder on why the United States government remains partially shutdown, it’s over border security. Donald Trump wants a border wall, the Democrats are unwilling to give him $5.7 billion that he requested for said wall that could be applied elsewhere in regards to poverty, housing, literally anything outside of a border […]

The government shutdown continues to affect Houston as the Terminal B security checkpoint at George Bush Intercontinental Airport is currently closed due to a shortage of TSA workers. The TSA workers are not being paid due to the shutdown. Bush Airport tweeted that passengers will be routed to Terminal C or E until further notice. […]

In case you were wondering, yes — the government shutdown is still going on. And even though she may not be a politician, Cardi B is still aware of what’s going on. Join Our Text Club To Get The Latest Music, Entertainment, Contests And Breaking News On Your Phone. Text BOX to 24042 to join! […]

You know what you usually get when you win Little League or a spelling bee? A pizza party. Well, thanks to the government shutdown, Donald Trump decided that the best course of action to feed the Clemson Tigers in honor of them winning their second CFP National Title in four years was not to call in a caterer. […]

Donald Trump held an event for the Clemson Tigers on Monday night, largely to celebrate the Tigers victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide to claim the school’s third national title and second in three years. However, since the government is currently on a shutdown due to Trump’s refusal to budge on a border wall, there was no chef […]

The government shutdown is officially affecting Houston travelers in a way they weren’t expecting. Bush Airport is currently experiencing an entire terminal being shutdown due to a shortage of TSA workers and it will continue until at least Tuesday. Is this all happening because of President Trump being on his Petty Petty for the Border […]

Shep Smith Keeps It Real Trump is trying to blame Democrats for the government shutdown — even though Republicans are in control of the House, Senate and Trump is in the White House. Bottom line, the shutdown is due to 45’s disgusting lack of leadership, from claiming to want a bipartisan bill, which was presented […]


Houston Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee says those who believe the federal government shutdown had no major consequences are “sorely wrong.” She says the 16-day federal…


Via WOLDCNEWS.com: Senate leaders announced today that they have reached a deal to end the government shutdown in time to avoid a possible U.S. default. Details on the agreement that was formally announced on the Senate floor at noon today are scant but CNN reports that the government could open as soon as midnight if […]

(WASHINGTON D.C.) Yesterday, eight days into the Republican government shutdown, President Obama spoke from the White House about the need for Republicans in Congress to stop threatening another recession just to sabotage Obamacare, stop demanding ransom just for doing their jobs, and just vote to reopen the government. He talked about the toll this shutdown […]