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In case you were wondering, yes — the government shutdown is still going on. And even though she may not be a politician, Cardi B is still aware of what’s going on.

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She informed her 38 million followers on Instagram that Donald Trump ordered thousands back to work at their government jobs without pay. She even has a counter for those who say, “but what about when Barack Obama shut down the government for 17 days when he was President?” Well, Cardi reminded folks that the 2013 shutdown was due to the Republican majority in the House of Representatives attempting to get Democratic President Barack Obama to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“They did that for health care! So your grandma can check her blood pressure and you b*tches can check ya’ll p*ssies at the gynecologist with no motherf**kin’ problem!” Cardi said. She added, “This sh*t is really f*cking serious. Over a f*cking wall. I feel like we need to take some action. This is crazy and I really feel bad that these people got to go to work to not get f*cking paid.”

Pretty sure the “woke” class is going to stan Cardi’s message here. The shutdown has affected Houston since Sunday, particularly at IAH where Terminal B is currently shut down due to a shortage of TSA workers to work the terminal. At this point, we’re nearing almost a month into the shutdown with no end in sight.

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Cardi weighing in on the shutdown even had some Senators perplexed about it!

Only Cardi.