An online petition in France urges voters in the upcoming French presidential election to cast a ballot for Obama.

A vehicle loaded with arms and grenades plowed into a crowd of people on Thursday night, killing at least 77 and injuring at least 100.

Zara is getting heat for turning away a woman wearing a hijab from one the brand’s stores in France. Customers are calling for a boycott of the brand after a video went viral depicting a guard at a Zara store in the Parisian suburb of Plaisir who asked a Muslim customer to remove her hijab. […]

Terrorist ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud was reportedly seen in the Parisian suburb Saint-Denis going to mosque in the hours leading up to the raid.

According to CNN, over 150 casualties have occurred in the terrorist attack in Paris today. And apparently some of the gunmen are still on the loose.  (Read More) When I heard the news, my heart dropped. I was speechless. It’s crazy some poor souls who had planned on coming home tonight, to families & loved […]

Earlier this week, a man was decapitated at a gas factory in France, making this the second terrorist attack in six months. Now residents are worried…

I know you think impressing one of Hip Hip’s BIGGEST stars is a HUGE task. Kanye West is arguably one of the biggest artist globally. Anything he does makes world news. His wife is a superstar as well. His rants are EPIC!!! And to get his attention is no small task. Well an artist with […]

With the attacks in Paris on the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine, safety precautions are a concern due to the fact that three men in hoods…

The US Women’s Bobsled Team Initial criticisms deemed this year’s winter Olympics a $50 billion debacle, highlighting reports of poor preparation, terrorism threats and LGBT…

New Music

After listening to and mixing other peoples hits, Dj R-Wan, a well known RnB/ Pop DJ in Europe, decided to bring his own brand of music to the clubs. Cooking up House and Electro out of France, he has dubbed his style Electro Groove. R-Wan’s new album “My Club” has been topping the french iTunes […]


Jay-Z surprised Beyonce with an appearance on French talk show “LeGrand Journal” while she was a guest, and his presence showed us how much she loves her man. When asked who he would want to be if he had to be a famous woman, his response clearly pleased Mrs. Carter. Check out this video to […]