The City of Houston says a teen is the latest victim of the H1N1 virus. On Thursday, Houston city health officials announced a teen became…

I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Dr. Melanie about the flu shot and why we need it!  Check it out! access houston-ms melaine

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It’s effective, easy and takes just 20 seconds. By simply washing your hands you could prevent the transfer of germs that leads to colds, flu and pneumonia. Children trade even more germs than adults, so this is even more important for the young ones. Click below for more: Researcher Anna Bowen is with the Centers for […]


Winter 2011 has definitely been a brutal one for us thus far.  It’s still hard to believe the official groundhog from Punxsatawny didn’t see his shadow and predicts spring is near.  “We don’t believe you!“


HISD no longer sending out swine flu notifications. Via:   KHOU.com HOUSTON — If a child has swine flu in a Houston Independent School District school, you might not be notified about it. 11 News obtained a document that went out to HISD principals. It advises them that notifying parents by letter or phone message about […]