Poetic Energy Needed in Society H-Town Poets Represent Their Art & Their City Produced by iRise Filmz There is a cultural tide rising in Houston. Amid the city’s museums, historic landmarks, and vibrant nightlife exists a cache of the nation’s most prolific spoken word artists. The community of poets is as diverse as the city […]

How many times a day do you look to coffee, soda or candy in your quest to stay awake during work or school? If often,…

Middlebury College in Vermont has decided to STOP sales of all energy drinks to students. The college held a counsel that is made up of 12 students, staff and faculty meeting back in January and the students on the board decided to stop, not ban, stop the sale of all energy drinks to other students. […]

Meek Mill‘s upcoming album might be a pretty big mystery to his fans, but he’s still staying active on the rap front. Releasing spontaneous new…

You really are trying to be healthy…you go to the gym, you drink water, you even eat healthier. So why do you still feel so…

via: cnn.com President Obama discusses the economy, with a focus on energy, in remarks on the campus of a community college in NH. Read More http://whitehouse.blogs.cnn.com/2012/03/01/obama-answers-high-gas-prices-with-broad-energy-policy/

It’s possible that sometimes, all you need is a little pushing. Life can be strenuous and unpredictable at times, but in order to truly appreciate what the outside world has to offer, you have to give yourself a mental boost. Maybe you’re overtired and everything seems worse than it is. Perhaps you know what you […]

14 Ways To Boost Your Energy You shouldn’t be feeling exhausted every day. The truth is that our habits and and environment zap our energy and leave us feeling tired on a daily basis. Here’s some ways you can increase your energy levels. 1. Exercise Working out at least 30 minutes every day can help […]

If you have kids, you want to make sure they grow up fit and healthy. But you also know it’s hard to juggle work, family, and physical activity-for you alone, never mind for you and your kids. Setting a healthy example is a good start; research shows that parents who are physically active increase the […]


I feel an immense sense of freedom. Want to know my secret? I just let go…. That’s it, I let go! I stopped fighting against the current and let the stream of life just flow. I became aware and open to the synchronicities that the universe has in store.

Via: WomensHealthMag.com Sometimes those extra 10 minutes of sleep we get from hitting the snooze button in the morning are not enough. For years we have been told the adequate amount of sleep each person should get is 8 hours. Even if we are fortunate to get that amount of sleep, it may not be […]

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(From shine.com) Other than getting a good night’s sleep, there’s probably no other thing that impacts your productivity and mood at work more than what you eat. Yet you probably give little thought to what you consume before and during work, defaulting instead to what’s convenient, cheap, and tasty.