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Middlebury College in Vermont has decided to STOP sales of all energy drinks to students.
The college held a counsel that is made up of 12 students, staff and faculty meeting back in January and the students on the board decided to stop, not ban, stop the sale of all energy drinks to other students.
The meeting’s decisions came about because the school felt that the studies of energy drinks have proven that they do cause health risks. It’s a health risk and behavioral concerns too. The College also thinks that the energy drinks can create some “problematic” issues such as drinking alcohol and sexual misconduct.

The College feels that the energy drinks takes a detour from the healthy road that they want to take their students down.
And as far as the health concerns go, studies do show that heart disease and heart attacks among young people are possible and have taken place, but there are no real study regarding anything about sex.
So on campus you won’t find anything like Monsters, RedBull or 5-hours, etc… drinks, but that the drinks are banned. If any student wants an energy drink than they can purchase their drink at any store off campus.
What do you think?

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