The show, which began in 2003 has seen the comedian host more than 3,000 episodes and conduct 2,400 celebrity interviews during its 19 years on the air.

Ellen DeGeneres and Alicia Keys had a special gift for DeAndre Arnold, the Mont Belvieu teen who was told he couldn’t walk at his high school graduation unless he cut his hair. A scholarship for $20,000 courtesy of Shutterfly. Arnold’s story has made national headlines after he refused to cut his dreadlocks, which is prohibiting him from going […]

On Thursday, Dr. Henry Musoma and Ashton Robinson made an appearance on The Ellen Show after Ashton’s Facebook video post went viral. Ashton posted a caption that read: So today I emailed my Professor before class saying that something came up and I didn’t have a sitter for Emmett and he called me back and […]

Does she deserve to be paid cash for her contribution to pop culture?

On Tuesday, Tracy Morgan appeared on Ellen to talk about his return from that horrific accident that happened on June 2014 and to promote his new movie ‘Fist Fight.’ He starts off saying, “They gave me a two percent chance of living, but God gave me a second chance.” Ellen tells Tracy, “First of all, […] Pharrell speaks and he was very stern about what he says. The cat is finally out of the bag as Pharrell Williams spoke live with Ellen Degeneres on the most controversial topic of the week. In case you missed, Gospel Singer, Kim Burrell was caught on tape delivering a sermon at her home church and, […]

Janelle Monae recently spoke out against her Hidden Figures soundtrack collaborator Kim Burrell and the recent remarks she made about the gay community.

2016 is just not giving up. Known as Princess Leia in the classic film Star Wars, Carrie Fisher has reportedly passed away at the age of 60. The veteran actress died on Tuesday morning after suffering a heart attack while on a flight from London to LAX. According to TMZ: Fisher was on a flight […]

Kendall Jenner suddenly disappeared from Instagram (well, her account rather) and it sent social media, news and media outlets and more into a frenzy. In this special clip, The Kardashians star visits The Ellen Show to explain why she left the popular social app. You would be surprised but it’s actually a good and valid […]

It’s becoming a well-known tradition that every year, talk show host of The Ellen Show, Ellen DeGeneres send her producer Andy Lassner to a haunted house. This time, Andy was accompanied by his assistant Jacqueline who didn’t quite help the experience as they traveled through Universal Studios‘ Horror Night Exorcist Maze. Watch the clip above, […]

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Racial tensions are running at an all-time high right now with everything that is going on in the country, which means that hyper-sensitivity is also more prevalent than it has been in recent memory. When you add those two together you have to be very careful what you say, post and in this case tweet, […]