Tracy Morgan is giving back in a big way— proving that what goes around sure does come back around.

I literally burst out in laughter when I watched King Keraun’s newest Facebook video. King is goofing off, but he actually couldn’t be more right! The hardest dudes know damn well that you can’t help but to channel your inner Yoncé when King Bey comes on the radio. LOL Thanks for giving me a lil […]

Just weeks after having the "Damn, Daniel" dudes and DJ Khaled on her show, Ellen DeGeneres welcomed her most inspiring guest yet.

This hilarious hashtag may be more informative and helpful than any textbook or old professor.

Some people call Katt Williams “crazy”. Some people say he’s a “hater”. But sometimes when people speak their mind, we automatically call them “haters”. At a recent show, he didn’t hold his tongue about his feelings for funny man Kevin Hart. Ouch! I don’t think Kevin Hart should respond. But hey, you never know. Follow […]

Katt Williams is doing his Conspiracy Theory Tour and Saturday night at the Phillip’s Arena the comedian ended his performance saying he was proud of Kevin Hart’s success but Kevin is a puppet for the puppet master. Williams said, “I don’t care about nothing that happens to Kevin, I wish him the best. I just know […]

One of the funniest guys I know just dropped a hilarious video! King Keraun has been making moves these past few years, but he never gets away from the bread and butter. Feeding his growing fan base with new content! I almost died laughing when I watched this video. Enjoy! The homey made his Instagram […]

First and foremost, lemme preface this by saying I agree with every single bullet point discussed in this video. A lot of these “things” come across as funny, but the chick is actually right. Yes, I said it: A female got something correct for once. LOL Just kidding. Just kidding. It was a joke, ladies. […]

I’m always interested in what that “next” thing is. What’s next in music? What’s next in theater? What’s next in electronics. I recently found that “next” big great idea for hard sleepers. If you have trouble getting up for work, or church, or just waking up period… then this new alarm clock is for you. […]

Let me start by saying: in no way do I condone theft. The bible says “Thou Shall Not Steal,” but where do we draw the line? Isn’t there a difference between taking something from one as opposed to making it disappear? I don’t know about you, but I think so! Lol Watch this video below […]

Tracy Morgan might be having the best 2015 ever. After smashing his hosting gig at his alma mater Saturday Night Live, the comedian announced he'll be embarking on a national stand-up tour.