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Could you go on a date in 2016 with a $50 budget? If you live in Middle America you might be able to have a decent time, but how about trying that in New York City?

As a dating man in New York, I find myself spending a lot of money while courting a lady who catches my eye. Prices these days are through the roof; something as traditional as dinner and a movie can run a man up to $200 dollars easy if drinks and popcorn are involved.

But I thought it would be rather interesting to see what would happen if we hooked two people up on a blind date with only a $50 budget.

So we tapped Pete, a well-known photographer who has captured images of stars like Kanye West, Post Malone, Jay Z, and more, and a young lady named Nene, who launched her own web show in which she interviews up and coming artists trying to make their mark in the game.

We followed the duo to Angel Of Harlem, a fine dining establishment in Uptown Manhattan, to watch as Pete tried to stretch his 50 bucks – all while Nene had no clue there was even a budget. Here’s what happened…

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