Lyft has released the winners of their fourth annual Lyftie Awards, breaking down where passengers tend to go in their favorite cities over a calendar year. For Houston, everybody loves hitting up Whataburger after a fun night out as it won the award for Most Visited Late Night Restaurant. If you wanted to go partying, Lyft took the most […]

We’ve had conversations about polygamy on the show but this time, we actually have a “Thruple” who came in studio to break down how they make it work! Three polygamists Shantell, Shalaun, and Alex explain what it means to be polygamists, how their 3-way relationship works, & more on the Madd Hatta Morning Show. Alex […]

Jazmine Sullivan, Jordin Sparks, Andra Day, & other celebrities get together for this funny PSA about an important injustice black women face….our edges. If you need a little laugh today this video might do the trick. #SAVETHEEDGES  

Notice anything different about your boy Rick Ross? He’s standing next to Jay Z looking like Wiz Khalifa out in this bih. Rick has been hitting the gym hard, doing what he calls Ross Fit; shout-out to all the pears. It’s working- but speaking of work, let’s get back to business. The Black Dollar rapper […]

One thing I always look forward to after the New Year is Virginia emcee Skillz (@SkillzVa) to encapsulate the last 365 days of the year with his annual Rap-Up. I always find myself saying “Damn, I forgot about that”. Skillz delivers again with his 2014 Rap-Up covering everything from the Ice Bucket Challenge. To Lupita […]

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Hey ladies @jjonthemic here! Single Moms Rock is in effect and I’m so proud to share in this with my fellow #BoxMommies! If you’ve visited  @SNGLMOMSROCK Instagram page you may have come across my post asking if you could have one wish granted to take something off your plate, what would it be? I personally, wouldn’t […]

Since News 92 FM first told you about the shortage of paramedics within the city of Houston in early February, my inbox has been inundated…

People oftentimes rationalize the idea: “I work hard I deserve something nice”. I’m not faulting anyone for that, but I just want to introduce the concept of thinking forward.  I am no one’s Financial advisor, CPA or Financial Broker. I do not have a certification in this regard, but what I do have is COMMON […]

Everyday we pass people maybe lending them only enough time to exchange a quick hello, or how you doin’, but how often do we acknowledge that beyond that people are really going through things and have their own story, trials and rough patches their trying to get through? This  women finds a unique way to […]

  To my people in the struggle I want to tell you there is hope! So you made the goal, the swear, the vow, the pinky promise that you will lose that weight for real this new year and be fit and fine for summer. Or, you may have said I’m not going to push […]