Charli Baltimore

Waka Flocka Flame and his boo thang Tammy Rivera are jumping on the reality TV train to supply us with our weekly dose of VH1…

Last week, Charli Baltimore did an interview on Shade 45  where she maintained she writes all of her rhymes. In another part of the interview, Baltimore threw Lil’ Kim under the bus by saying she didn’t write her own  raps. A former member of the Queen Bee’s entourage is now claiming he is Lil Kim’s ghostwriter. Antonio […]

Charli Baltimore hasn’t made news since she was rumored to have contracted all types of STD’s from an ex-boyfriend. The ex-Murder Inc. rapper recently shaved the side of her head and replaced the hair with a tattoo! She looks like a rip-off of Cassie… This tattoo, shaved head craze has to stop! Charli Baltimore Responds […]

Charli Baltimore’s ex-boyfriend, producer Zack Williams, is putting the former Notorious B.I.G. side piece on blast in a new video posted to YouTube.  In the video, Williams says the rapper is broke, has a drug problem and a bad case of herpes.