It took multiple rounds of negotiations, a historic purse, and nearly seven years worth of haggling. But ultimately, methodical punches and the scores of four…

Manny Pacquiao (57-5-2, 37 KOs) is gearing up for his fight on May 2 with Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. in the MGM Grand Garden Arena…

I’ve heard of some expensive restaurants. Del Frisco’s, Vic & Anthony’s, Uchi & etc. But I’ve never heard of anyone eating $1,000 meals… Well until today. Floyd Mayweather is supposedly paying $1000 per meal, with 4 meals each day until his fight May 2nd. (according to Let’s just do a little math. 30 days in […]

Boxer star Keith “One Time” Thurman has another way to train and relieve stress…. what’s that? THE FLUTE! Thurman is currently prepping for the NBC “Fight Night” that airs this Saturday, live against Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero with the Welter weight title on the line. Watch the video as Thurman explains his love for the flute […] Via : According to Floyd Mayweather has agreed to fight Manny Pacquiao. Multiple sources tell TMZ Sports who said the two finally came to an agreement today and will fight May 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Click Here For More Details

Last night, I think fight fans almost had a heart attack! Floyd “Money” Mayweather finally called out Manny “Pac Man” Paquiao! I missed the interview but my phone line BLEW UP!!! Two of the sports most recognizable faces have been “missing” each other for years now. To the public, Floyd is “running” from Manny. Being a […]

I love boxing!!! I love my kids!!! This video is the perfect marriage of the two. I know you may not be thrilled with dealing with “baby mama’s”. I deal with the drama myself! I feel you. But still find ways to connect with your kids! They deserve that relationship. Regardless of the ratchetness, be […]

This video is shocking in all accounts!!! I’ve been to plenty of amateur fights. My best friend/ brother Simi is a MONSTER!!! And in a few fights, the refs do make some questionable calls. This really wasn’t that bad of a stoppage. In amateur fights, they are protective of the fighters. Skip to about 1:06. […]

Antoine Dodson is back in the limelight. After finding internet fame for fighting a home intruder…. (wait for it) he’s about to fight the alleged home intruder!!! In this “press conference” Antoine looses his cool and throws a punch. Anyone who follows me knows I am a boxing fan. I also box in my spare […]

In all honesty, I HATE BULLIES. As a kid, I would fight bullies with no remorse. Regardless of the outcome or consequences. As a parent I’m going to put my daughter and my son in boxing. In this crazy world, I just want MY kids to know how to protect themselves. BUT THIS KID??? He’s […]