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UFC 194: Aldo vs. McGregor

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After the UFC Champ, Conor “Notorious” McGregor made his professional boxing debut some are wondering if he finished with boxing.
We know the outcome of McGregor’s in the ring fight against Floyd “Money” Mayweather was a loss, but between MayMac, they broke the Pay-per-view record in the U.K. making their fight the “all-time-pay-per-view record” selling $6.5 million buys.

On Monday, UFC Commentator Joe Rogan spoke with MMA Fighting about McGregor’s possible future and gave his thoughts about it.

“He’s f****ing Floyd Mayweather,” said Rogan. “He’s one of it not the best boxer ever and Conor did catch him with a couple of things… They should [rematch]. Why not?” 


He continued saying, “I don’t think [Conor is done boxing]. Look, he went the very first fight against the greatest ever and he didn’t look too bad. If there’s a legit, big fight- say if Canelo Alvarez steps up and says that he wants to fight Conor McGregor, [Conor] might do it. It wouldn’t be a smart move. The difference between Canelo and Floyd- Floyd was just a brilliant boxer. Canelo is a murderous puncher and he’ll fuck you up. He’ll hurt you. [Golovkin] is not a good fight for him either. Neither Canelo nor Golvokin is a good fight for him. They’re terrible fights for him. Those guys are different.”

So should McGregor stay in boxing or go back to UFC?
They say that the featherweight division is on hold until McGregor makes his mind up on if he’s sticking to boxing or not.

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