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On Saturday, the drama quickly unfolded after Showtime’s fight between José Uzcátegui and Andre Dirrell’s bout ended.
It started when Uzcategui knocked out Dirrell at the end of the eighth round in a three punch combo and the last of his three punch combo ended a couple of seconds after the bell rang.
And this is when the melee begins… The referee were figuring out the outcome of the fight and the ring was filling up and everyone was off their guard.

While standing in the corner, Uzcátegui was approached by Dirrell’s uncle Leon Lawson, Jr. and sucker punched in his face with a left and a right hook to the face.
While this was going on, the refs were still figuring out the outcome of the fight since the referee had already given a warning to Uzcátegui for late punching after the bell and Uzcátegui three punch combo was late punching.
So what we saw as a KO turned into a disqualification instead.
As for Dirrell’s uncle, Leon Lawson, he left the building after he threw his punches at Uzcátegui and he was being sought after by the Prince George’s County Police dept. too. And there are also reports that Uzcátegui has officially filed charges against Leon for assault charges too.
“I’m sorry for what my coach has done. My coach is my family, my uncle, and he has worried,” Dirrell said. “He cares for me. He loves me. Please forgive him.”
He continued saying, “I forgive Uzcátegui. I forgive his camp. I don’t want to win a championship like this,” Dirrell said. “I wanted to win fair and square. But I forgive him.”

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