Ayo, it’s Amir Diamond (@WhosYourDiamond). Lemme tell you…I had a lot of fun chatting with Virgin Records’ newest R&B artist Mike Jay! This dude was so easy to talk to; the conversation went EVERYWHERE! He spilled details on his church family’s reaction to him singing about strippers how he got to write for Chris Brown, and […]

  Had a chance to catch up with new R&B sensation Mike Jay.  Find out how he got started & how he was just hanging with Whitney Houston.  Plus we dive into his new single “Birthday Suit” and ask him about some of his favorite H-Town “Real Strippers”.

Kim Kardashian on her curves: “I don’t get why everyone is always going on about my butt. I’m Armenian. It’s normal. My butt is probably not as big as you might think, because I have small legs and a small waist, which makes it appear bigger.” On her insecurities while growing up: “I was wearing […]