Today marks a pivotal moment in Houston rap history. Eighteen years ago today, Jay-Z and UGK dropped “Big Pimpin” as the final single from Hov’s Vol. 3 album, originally released in December of 1999. By now, you know the aftermath of “Big Pimpin,” how it made UGK household names and how Pimp’s eight bar verse […]

Just a week ago, Jay Z was in court fighting a case regarding an alleged sample in his 1999 hit “Big Pimpin,” but the judge has already decided to toss it out.

Despite the seemingly successful launch of his new music streaming service TIDAL, things aren’t looking all that bright for Jay Z. In fact, a tidal…

There is an eight year lawsuit over the song “Big Pimpin” with claims that the hook was taken from an old Egyptian tune. The nephew of the deceased composer has now filed a new copyright lawsuit against Live Nation. The eight year lawsuit is against a number of parties suchas, Jay Z, MTV, Paramount Pictures, Warner Music […]