I’ve jammed this musical a bunch of times, so it was only right that I went to check it out when I visited New York last week. Avenue Q has a very creative outlook on what our world is like. It speaks on what the ordinary person is afraid to say. The music takes on […]

I’m going on vacation next month to the Big Apple and want to see atleast two Broadway shows while I’m down there. The problem is…I’m very indecisive. You have to consider a bunch of things before you help me make my final decisions. Hamilton is sold out (but I could always purchase resell tix from […]

I come from the theater world and have been acting in shows since I was 5 years old. Like every actor, I’ve played my fair share of understudies… but I’ve also managed to score some lead roles as well. Along the way, I’ve learned about some of the dopest musicals that have ever been created. […]

Although people think I’m a beast on the radio, theater is my first love. I’ve acted in over 30 productions (plays, commercials and movies). Acting is something that I will definitely be getting back into in the near future. Since the start of 2015, I’ve been highlighting some of my favorite Broadway shows (including Wicked, […]