After a messy breakup nearly a year ago, Fantasia Barrino is still bitter towards ex, Antwaun Cook.   Adding fuel to the fire, Cook went…

Antwaun Cook is panning out to be the next Stevie J. Cook, who left his wife to be with Fantasia Barrino, has allegedly now left…

Fantasia’s baby boy is here! The singer went into labor last night with her second child at a hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina according to RadarOnline. Despite the foundation on which the relationship with her boyfriend Antwaun Cook was built – he’s still married to his estranged wife – we’re happy she delivered a healthy […]

Fantasia called into “The Wendy Williams Show” recently to put the rumors to rest surrounding her role in the Mahalia Jackson biopic. But the host did what she does best, and got down to what we really want to know. She asked the singer about Antwaun Cook, if he’s still married, if they’re getting married, […]

Fantasia and Antwaun Cook was spotted on vacation in Barbados. Recently, rumors that Fanny was pregnant by Antwan had leaked to the net and now her belly is pretty big. Just last year, Fantasia claimed she was leaving Antwan alone but the two are back together. Fantasia has admitted that she had an abortion after […]

From ZHIPHOPCLEVELAND.COM: Fantasia is closing up her “Back To Me” Tour and recently performed in Cleveland. Z1079 had the exclusive on her performance as well as a special guest backstage, Antwaun Cook.

After everything has already been discovered about Fantasia and Antwaun Cook’s relationship, the married man has finally come forward to give his side of the story. Antwaun’s lawyer, Nicole Sodoma, released a statement last night regarding his position about both Fantasia and his wife Paula. “Antwaun would be remiss not to address the criticism and […]

Fantasia’s married boyfriend’s wife Paula Cook is speaking out through her lawyer and she says she has been humiliated by Fantasia’s relationship with her husband, Antwaun Cook.

Sorry Fantasia, I do not believe you. Yesterday singer Fantasia reportedly made a suicide attempt by trying to overdose with pills. This comes directly after news broke that she was dating a married man and that the wife may be in preparation to sue Fantasia and her now estranged husband. Am I the only one […]

“American Idol” winner Fantasia Barrino is being accused of making sex tapes with her married boyfriend Antwaun Cook. Antwaun’s wife Paula Cook is claiming not only did Fantasia have an affair with her husband,  but she made a sex tape with him.

A random person in Charlotte, NC is using the classified ad site to find and date Fantasia’s boyfriend’s wife. Said person saw Antwaun Cook’s wife Paula at a party.  And now he’s pulling out all the stops to find her.  Here’s his CraigsList ad: SPOTTED: Fantasia & Her Married Man In Barbados! SPOTTED: Fantasia & […]

Fantasia may be on the verge of getting slapped with a MEGA-MILLION-DOLLAR lawsuit.