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Sorry Fantasia, I do not believe you. Yesterday singer Fantasia reportedly made a suicide attempt by trying to overdose with pills. This comes directly after news broke that she was dating a married man and that the wife may be in preparation to sue Fantasia and her now estranged husband. Am I the only one that smells a pity party being drummed up for publicity?

What makes me question whether this was authentic is that just days ago Fantasia was very cocky and confident in her romance with Antwaun Cook. She herself said that she was not responsible for the marriage being dissolved. The ex wife is even said to have spoken with Fantasia where she instructed the wife” that the next time she has a husband she will learn how to keep him”. Did I mention the suspected sex tape of Fantasia and Antwaun Cook that is said to be released soon?

Fantasia : I’m Not Responsible For Breaking Up Marriage

All of this combined made for bad publicity for Fantasia. Probably much worse than she has ever experienced. You see, she is not accustomed to being bullied by the media. She is more so accustomed to being treated with sympathy. From her sad story on American Idol, to her Lifetime autobiographical movie about her poor upbringing ,sexual attacks from an ex boy friend, and teen pregnancy  all the way to her letting the world know a few years ago that she could not read.

We have all grown accustomed to feeling a level of sympathy for Fantasia who seemingly had it much harder than other female Pop stars like Beyonce, Rihanna, Alicia Keys  and others. Many women looked at her and saw a piece of themselves and their struggles. Now, the tides have shifted and she is making it difficult for people to feel as much sympathy for her when she sleeps with a married man, tattoos’ his name on her after a short time of knowing him, and harasses the ex wife. These things combined can give the media something to talk about and believe me, they are not being as delicate with Fantasia as they once were. She also has a strong female audience who usually support her and with the new homewrecker status she has earned, women are not so happy with her.

Fantasia Suicide Attempt Caused By Media Attention

This is why I am not convinced that the suicide attempt was authentic. I think that it was a ploy by her team to gain our sympathies yet again. As if to say, look guys, she still is that same po’ simple, illiterate Fantasia that doesn’t know any better. We all must excuse her.  Sorry I do not believes that she did not know that this man was married since…She talked to the wife. Secondly, I am not convinced that She id apologetic about her actions with this married man since she has his name inked on her body.

Third this is the same woman who lied about the relationship stating  “Yes, [the rumors] were all really cute to me. I guess it was something about a guy from T-Mobile? Inaccurate. He was hot, but I think I’m looking for my own man. There’s no boo in my life, I’m married to my career. I have no tattoo on my shoulder… As a matter of fact, I’ve never even [met him] before. I think I’d want to be with a guy who’s in the same tax bracket as I am … or higher!” Why should we believe that this is not a ploy  to get back on the good side of the media?  I think that she feels sorry for herself and the witch hunt that the media is now forcing on her. This “suicide attempt”  is a plea for sympathy rather than help.

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