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Travis Scott - Astroworld Festival 2019

Source: Kevin Rawls / Radio One Digital

For the third consecutive time Travis Scott‘s Astroworld Festival has rapidly sold out. Not only did the festival announce an expansion into a two-day event taking place in November 2021, it managed to sell out both days without even an idea of who was going to be on the lineup.

It’s only the latest Scott related item to draw up a frenzy, set a release date, sell out and then proceed to become the talk of the resale market. From sneakers to McDonald’s and PlayStation collaborations and more, the Mo City native has emerged as one of the biggest brands in hip-hop, earning him a cover on Forbes and a cushy position as one of hip-hop’s busiest pitchmen.

Naturally, the news of yet another sold out Astroworld left a few fans out in the cold while others celebrated their win on social media and beyond. Even Scott himself had to properly announce some fans who decided to rage and bust down the gates as seen in previous festivals were more than likely getting in this year too.

See some of the more hilarious reactions to Astroworld selling out below.

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1. The Man Makes Points

2. OK, That’s Just Rude

3. How Kylie Get Into This?!

4. Dad’ll Understand

5. Hopefully With The Good Filters, Sis

6. Not The Hunger Games!

7. An Hour…

8. The Determination Though…

9. Wait, Why The Kids Gotta Suffer?

10. Dang, Bad Bunny Gotta Catch Strays?

11. Sir, This Isn’t Krustyland

12. Festivals Man…

13. She Knows The VIbes…

14. Dang, Double… NVM.

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