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Meek Mill vs 6ix9ine

Source: Twitter / Twitter

Meek Mill and Tekashi 6ix9ine do not get along and will never be cordial. So naturally, things got heated when the Philadelphia rapper and the infamous Brooklyn snitch reportedly crossed paths in Atlanta outside of a club.

Per 2020 Hip-Hop protocol, the two parties each recorded their interactions on video, which they both shared and eventually deleted considering, ya know, evidence. However, this is the Internets, where nothing is ever truly wiped.

In one video, 6ix9ine can be scene yelling and attempting to charge what we assume is Meek and his crew while being held back by security. Ironically, 6ix9ine captioned a video he posted, “STOP LETTING THESE RAPPERS LIE TO YOU! THEY TO TOUGH FOR SECURITY @meekmill RUNNING AROUND WITH POLICE,” 6ix9ine captioned his video of the confrontation.”

Now keep in mind that one of the conditions of 6ix9ine’s early release was to not act a fool online. Also, this is how he sets off hs Valentine’s Day?

As for Meek, he basically says 6ix9ine is the Ops.

“The feds sent him to take me out wtf,” said Meek in a since-deleted IG post. “…had to spit on him so he retreated lol he really waited outside the club for me. I thought I was dreaming wtf we almost smoked him lol he posed a lil threat popping up in the parking lot waiting for me.”

In further footage, 6ix9ine is heard calling Meek a “pussy” and admonishing him for enlisting security that includes members of the police, allegedly. Friendly reminder that this is 6ix9ine going off, the same guy who got multiple in the crew he was running with indicted, so there’s that.

In the wee hours of the morning, Meek took to Twitter to clarify that they didn’t run into each other—and claimed that it was 6ix9ine who ran up on him.

All we see is one rapper who has been to jail (Meek Mill) trying to avoid having to go return for the sake of another rapper (6ix9ine) who drastically shortened his own stint in jail, by cooperative means.

Somehow, Pooh Sheisty managed to get thrown in the mix

As the story continues to develop, Twitter is weighing in on the struggle. Peep below and let us know what y’all think in the comments.

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