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What is the greatest Houston rap music video? Is it “Sicko Mode?” Is it “Still Tippin” or even Big Moe’s “Mann!” If you watched Rap City back in the gap or even requested a few videos on The Box back in the day, you’ve seen a classic era of Houston rap videos, dating all the way back to Big Mike “Havin’ Thangs” with Pimp C and of course, the Geto Boys’ “Mind Playin Tricks On Me”.

But you know one thing that need be addressed? All the Houston rap classics that deserved music videos. Or, all the Houston rap classics that *possibly* have music videos but can’t seem to be on YouTube or any video platform period. Let’s go through a list of iconic Houston rap songs that definitely deserved music videos to go with them.


1. UGK – “Murder”

Arguably the greatest UGK song of pure lyricism, it’s a shame that we never got a video for any of the videos from Ridin’ Dirty. You could have taken the sadness of “One Day” or you could have gone with Pimp C’s favorite UGK song and given that a video too. That song?

2. UGK – “Diamonds And Wood”

Arguably the perfect middle ground of Bun and Pimp’s personalities and musically. Why we didn’t get a video for it? Ask Jive/Zomba.

3. Paul Wall & Chamillionaire – “N Luv Wit My Money”

Without question, summer 2002 deserved a music video from the hottest song in the city from Paul Wall & Chamillionaire.

4. Mista Madd feat. Slim Thug & Yungstar – “Down South”

20 years ago, Mista Madd and Slim Thug and Youngster brought forth on the city a classic — that still has Yungstar telling us that he’s ready to keep on flowing.

5. Lil Flip – “We Blow Endo”

Lil Flip - "We Blow Endo"

It’s possibly Flip’s most famous freestyle and it deserves.

6. Lil O feat. Mr. 3-2, Big Moe, H.A.W.K. and Slick Breeze – “Playas Get Chose”

I know Lil O had the mammoth video with the classic FUBU jersey for “Back Back” but do you know how eternal “Playas Get Chose” is? A Houston playas ball with the Screwed Up Click would have been amazing.

7. Big Moe – “Just A Dog”

Big Moe - "Just A Dog"

If anyone knew how to break down a moment and make it sound 20x more player than it was, it was Moe. “Just A Dog” always finds a way to make even the smallest of us remember a girl who looked pretty throwed to us.

8. Swishahouse feat. Big Tiger, Lil’ Mario, Twin, Big Pic, L.T. & A.D. – “Big Ballin’, Shot Callin'”

The track ended up on The Day Hell Broke Loose 1 but for a time period, the swollen guitars and flamboyant punchlines on verse one ALONE (“hitting licks on my trolley”, “I went to Alaska with a candy bobsled,” “I done found a bottle with a bald faded Genie” meant all of these things had to come to life. If all this happened with every House member running from HPD after pulling off a heist? Even better.

9. Big H.A.W.K. – “Chillin’ With My Broad”

If Big H.A.W.K. had his way, him being the smooth player he was would have lent itself to a rather fun video where you know the game and you know the rules. If you gotta reach him, it’s on the low.

10. Big Pokey feat. Big Moe – “On Choppers”

Big Moe’s verse was repurposed for his own “Choppers” on ‘City Of Syrup’ but paired up with Pokey? It’s an ode to Houston car culture of the top. And for as much as a heavyweight Po-Yo was, he deserves a solo spot to really prove how great he was.