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Quarantine is not new to Omarion, or his brother O’Ryan.

The pair kick it with Keisha Nicole from the Houston BMW Studios where they admit that even though they want to be outside, the time at home and relaxing has been beneficial to both of them. Oh, and how Omarion has life lessons about being unbothered.

“Meditating is really important,” the author How To Live An Unbothered Life says. “Being thoughtful, thinking about your purpose – what are you put here to do. I can be unbothered because I can understand my purpose. So any outside noises or anything that takes away from my purpose is an act of war.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the singer/songwriter takes time to reflect on how maturity has allowed him time to appreciate his past and already ‘being in [my] purpose’. “I have to salute to my moms because she gave me the freedom as a young man to explore different things. When it came time to performing and acting and all these things entertainment, she really gave me the freedom to learn my lessons.”

He continued, I would say I attribute my mom’s support and my mom’s … onus, that’s all one any needs to explore to see if they want to do something. I give my moms all the credit for that, for real.”


Looking back at the 2019 Millennium tour, Omarion says he could remember a lot of things, including how people reacted to B2K broke up. “It was a lot of kids and women who thought it was me! That I broke the group up. They thought it was my fault,” the “Touch” singer says of the split. “But I’m working on this new project I’m working on, The Connection, where for the first time I’ll be giving everybody my perspective because B2K was something I personally feel a lot of my fans didn’t allow me to grow out of. So it was cool to be able to do the reunion and also show people why I continued on and I’ll still be here. Cause it’s my purpose.”

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