It feels like we’ve been waiting all year for Inayah Lamis‘s Storytelling Over Lyrics And Rhymes EP and on Friday, the wait was finally over.

Clocking in at 12 songs and a little over 30 minutes, S.O.L.A.R features anthems such as Lamis’ debut single “N.A.S.,” “Best Thing” and “Suga Daddy”.

“Anytime something impacts my life, I write it down and make a song out of it,” she told Refinery29 about her songwriting process.

Her previous video for “Suga Daddy,” Lamis turned up her confidence and her sexy. “I’ve displayed my confidence as a chunky girl in this video. So many people have things to say about curvy, bigger girls. I feel like we’re in a space now where we’re able to finally have a voice and be free, and still be sexy. Particularly with the wardrobe, I wanted to show some skin, to show those curves, those back rolls, those fat little pockets I got underneath my chin and shit. I wanted to make sure I displayed that and rocked the hell out of it, confidently.”

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“Best Thing,” which was premiered by VIBE late last month was about a real heartbreak and Lamis turned it into something powerful for her.

“I went into the lab and wrote it while I was ending a relationship that had a strong hold over me,” she said. “I literally cried in the booth as I was singing it. My hopes are that every woman or man that has been emotionally broken and taken for granted by a lover will feel comfort in knowing that leaving was the best thing they ever did for themselves.”

Stream S.O.L.A.R. below!

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