inayah lamis

It feels like we’ve been waiting all year for Inayah Lamis‘s Storytelling Over Lyrics And Rhymes EP and on Friday, the wait was finally over. Clocking in at 12 songs and a little over 30 minutes, S.O.L.A.R features anthems such as Lamis’ debut single “N.A.S.,” “Best Thing” and “Suga Daddy”. “Anytime something impacts my life, I write it down […]

You’ve seen Inayah Lamis before. Maybe it was the “Boo’d Up” cover that went viral on Instagram. Or her hilarious mix of gospel and non-secular on Terrell. Point is, the Houston native is coming and she’s coming completely as herself – mother, singer and a thousand percent personality. In her debut sit down with The […]

Houston’s own Inayah Lamis has already turned heads on social media with covers, freestyles, her “N.A.S.” single and more. As she gears up to release her upcoming S.O.L.A.R project (that’s Storytelling Over Lyrics and Rhymes), the Houston native and do-everything woman releases a sultry summertime bop in “Suga Daddy”. Produced by Micah, “Suga Daddy” might […]

Inayah Lamis & I have been rocking with each other for about 6 years. She would always call my show and give me words of encouragement when I was first starting out. She had my back when others didn’t. I’m so happy for her success. Check out her appearance on Terrell Grice’s “Song Association” below. […]