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Imagine being too controversial for a resolution recognizing Black History Month when you’re black.

That’s what happened to Colin Kaepernick as Wisconsin Republicans stripped the exiled quarterback’s name from a resolution recognizing Black History Month, saying that Kaepernick was too controversial to be included.

The resolution, which was drafted by the state legislature’s Black Caucus, named several African-American leaders including Kaepernick, who was born in Wisconsin. Kaepernick, as many know kneeled during the national anthem while on the San Francisco 49ers in 2016 to protest systemic racism in the United States.

The inclusion of Kaepernick irked Wisconsin Republicans who then amended the resolution to remove his name saying that he had to go “for obvious reasons.”

The move left Democrats in the state legislature in the tough position of voting against the resolution drafted by the Black Caucus or approving the amended proposal without the inclusion of Kapernick’s name. The amended proposal, the one without Kaepernick’s name passed unanimously.

“The biggest issue that we have as a Black Caucus is people choosing to pick our views for us as black people,” state Rep. David Crowley told told the State Journal newspaper in Madison. Crowley is the representative for Milwaukee, the city with the state’s largest black population. He also called the move by Republicans a “textbook example of white privilege.”

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