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Justine Skye is clearly feeling empowered and is doubling down on her allegations that Harlem rapper Sheck Was physically abusive to her. Today (Feb. 12), the Roc Nation singer shared video footage and texts that cast the “Mo Bamba” rapper in the worst of lights. 

Yesterday (Feb. 11), Skye finally named Wes as her abuser (it was all Internet speculation beforehand) while claiming his goons attacked her and her boyfriend, rapper GoldLink. Afterward, Sheck Wes took Twitter to deny putting hands on any woman.

Skye saw his denial, and doubled down on her accusations. Responding to his denial on Twitter, she wrote, “I literally have footage of you jumping over the fence of my crib to attack me Sheck… your lies are even more disrespectful.”

And yes, she shared said footage, but not before sharing a screen cap of a text revealing she feared for her safety.

In the clip, a man that certainly looks like Sheck is seen saying “Justine” before hopping over a fence. Sheck copped to being the man in the video, but asserted he was only retrieving his possessions and reiterated that he never hit a woman.

“Just clarifying this is a video of me hopping a fence to get my stuff back from a girl who refused to give me my stuff . Once again for the record I never hit or beat up any woman,” he tweeted.

But Skye rebutted his claims. “Refused? THIS specific incident was BECAUSE I was trying to give you your things… you decided to react violently and irrational because you “are a grown ass man and I’m not going to disrespect you” because I put them in garbage bags for you to pick up,” she tweeted.

She also added, “Did you forget about the time you launched my phone across the room at the Montrose hotel, slapped me in the face with money saying “get a new one bitch”, the two hotel security guards holding you back from attacking me while I ran away. The cops coming…”

But Sheck is still claiming his ex-girlfriend is lying. He may want to hop off social media because he’s looking funny in the light and soon enough, the authorities and lawyers are going to get involved.

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