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T.V. shows can birth some of the best music and if you’re an avid watcher, some of the tunes can get stuck in your head for years to come.

I’m not just talking about catchy theme songs or closing credit music. I’m talking about the countless songs that characters sang within their T.V. world that weren’t real, but they were ridiculously catchy.

It could’ve been a song from a music group within the show or a parody that ended up making you jam just as hard as real-life songs.

Hit the next pages to find out which tracks had repeat-potential when hearing them for the first time. As a rubric, I decided to leave out songs that were released as singles outside of the show and songs that gained heavy promotion in the music market (sorry Empire soundtrack).

But don’t worry, the songs that follow are sure to bring the nostalgia and hopefully, they’ll make it on a streaming site in the near future!

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