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It’s not too often you get an MVP in your presence. James Harden made his 97.9 The Box debut breaking down his JH-Town Weekend festivities for charity, the Rockets landing Carmelo Anthony (“He’s got a fire within him … he’s got something to prove and I think we all do.”), his favorite rappers of the moment, whether or not he can rap (he can, according to him), why he’s not giving up any of his favorite locations eating wise in the city and what he does to escape and find zen.

On Relaxation In The Off-Season

“I like to travel man, I been so accustomed to traveling the last few years, I just love to go to different places and meet new people. Figure out different cultures see how people live. I’ve been from Spain to Italy to China to Paris, I’ve been everywhere in the span of two months. Live my best life.

Favorite Guilty Pleasure

“Food man, I love to eat. I love snacks, just eating. Like food makes me happy.”

Top 5 Artists To Listen To Ahead Of A Game

“You got Meek, you got Trav, you got Nipsey. Those are my three favorites right now. You got Bino, he’s an artist out of LA and last one … Drake.”

On getting Carmelo & Rockets Expectations

“Just coming off this last year with so much buzz and excitement in the city … we obviously didn’t get to end up where we wanted to go, came up short. But that run back, we need that and adding Carmelo who got more fire behind him, he got something to prove and I feel like we all do. It’s gonna be a fun year in Houston. We know what the next step is and it’s fun. I enjoy the tough times and that’s what makes your body stronger. You gotta bounce back and come back even harder.”

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On Getaways

“Alone time. I think the most important thing is not being on social media. There’s so much negativity in the world, especially on social media and if you give yourself 10 – 20 minutes a day to think about your life, what you have and your goals and what you want to do. 20 minutes a day, that’s not much time each and every day. You’ll be way better off and not a lot of us do a lot of that. We so caught up in what else is going on that we need to take 20 minutes to ourselves every day.”

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