Cardi B Off Set

Source: Via Event Planner KayCee Nwasike / Via Event Planner KayCee Nwasike

You know how they say timing is everything? Well, the timing of Cardi B cashing checks could be slowing down to her possibly having a Migo in the oven.

TMZ reports that sources close to the rapper have said that Cardi and her team want to have her long-awaited debut album finished by end of the summer so she can jump on Bruno Mars’ upcoming World Tour when it begins in September. The complication? If Cardi truly is pregnant and in her second trimester, she’d miss the entire tour because she would be due to give birth in AUGUST.

Cardi’s been getting bags from reliable sources ever since “Bodak Yellow” blew up last year. On top of a hilarious Amazon commercial for the Super Bowl, the “Bariter Cardi” rapper is collecting checks anywhere from $60K to $100K for regular walkthroughs and shows. Needless to say, getting pregnant right when you’re starting to blow could cost Cardi some millions in the bank.

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