Pepperoni pizza

Source: Jupiterimages / Getty

In 1962, the Hawaiian Pizza, the pizza with pineapple and pepperoni was created by Sam Panopoulous.
Panopoulous was born in Greece and emigrating to Canada in 1954 and died last week in a hospital in London, Ontario at 83-years old.
The popular pizza was something Panopoulous told a news media in 1962 that he was curious what a can of pineapple would taste like as a topping for his pizza and that’s what he did.

The claims that he developed the pizza had been disputed over the years, but even the Prime Minister Trudeau backed his claims up.
Prime Minister said it was “a delicious southwestern Ontario creation.”
Mr. Panopoulous’ son Bill described his dad as always saying he “wasn’t looking to get famous” regarding the pizza and also saying, “the Hawaiian pizza story and his immigrant story were his to tell.”

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