Pizza giant Papa John’s will be going through a huge transition after the current CEO, John Schnatter (AKA Papa John himself) recently announced his decision to step down from his position come January 2018. As it is now public knowledge that the company is in need of a Chief Executive Officer to take over, there’s […]

Here is another person who doesn’t understand what the NFL players are protesting for. He didn’t directly say the NFL Commissioner’s name, but Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter threw blame at the leagues’s “leadership” for the drop in ratings and his declining numbers in sales. says that, Papa John’s shares are down about 23 […]

It’s been seven years since AMC’s season 3 of ‘Breaking Bad’ aired that pizza chucking episode. This was season 3 when Walter White returns home after his wife Skyler kicked him out after finding out that he was a big wig meth kingpin. During his return home, Walter calls his wife’s bluff and won’t leave […]

Ashley Stewart is the owner of Bathesda Boutique that is listed as “High quality, strong smelling, fizzy bath bombs with AWESOME prizes!!!” and she’s the lady who made the bath bomb that isn’t only in the shape of a slice of pizza, but it smells like a slice of pizza. The creator of the Pizza […]

In 1962, the Hawaiian Pizza, the pizza with pineapple and pepperoni was created by Sam Panopoulous. Panopoulous was born in Greece and emigrating to Canada in 1954 and died last week in a hospital in London, Ontario at 83-years old. The popular pizza was something Panopoulous told a news media in 1962 that he was […] Police have arrested 18-year-old Djuan Bowers, 17-year-old Tynerick Turner and an unnamed 16-year-old after shots were fired toward a North Nashville market. WKRN reports that the teenagers were inside a white Honda Accord at the D.B. Todd Market in Nashville when an undercover officer witnessed the gunfire. Police say the officer was conducting surveillance in the area […]

Fourteen-year-old Reginald Lofton has been charged in the murder of a Gwinnett County, Georgia pizza delivery driver.

After Hurricane Matthew hit, it became a struggle for people to contact family members to make sure that they were safe and sound since they lost their power and phone lines in the storm. This is what happen when a Nebraska guy was trying to contact his 87-year old grandmother, Claire Olsen. The guy who identified himself as “Eric” had been trying to reach his […]

The news has reported about the unfortunate heat wave that has hit state of Arizona. Arizona has started their summer with high temps like 120 degrees. Watch this man set a frozen pizza on top of his dashboard at 1:30 p.m. when it was 112 degrees outside. By 2:30 p.m., the pizza was partially cooked and by 3:30, it […]

LeBron James traded in his Cavs jersey for an apron. Well, at least for a day.

Valentine’s Day is almost here! It’s time to spread the love! Check out me and my daughter Alani making heart-shaped pizza! It’s easy! It’s healthy! It’s fun!  Check out our video below! For more blogs and info for Single Moms log onto!  


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Houston Texans’ defensive end, J.J. Watt sends a token of appreciation to the Houston Police Department and Houston Fire Department.  Watt commended the HPD and HFD for their hard work and dedication in a letter along with providing them with pizza for lunch. In the letter J.J. Watt writes, “I […]