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Ashley Stewart is the owner of Bathesda Boutique that is listed as “High quality, strong smelling, fizzy bath bombs with AWESOME prizes!!!” and she’s the lady who made the bath bomb that isn’t only in the shape of a slice of pizza, but it smells like a slice of pizza.
The creator of the Pizza Bath Bomb is a stay-at-home one and she created this bath bomb business to add to the family income. She’s designed other bath bombs, but this slice of pizza bath bomb went viral after she posted her demo video to her social media pages.
“And then within a couple of days it had millions of views,” Ashley said. “I was just like, me and my husband, ‘What is going on’ “
Ashley continued by saying, “It’s insane. I’m just trying to take it all in.”
In the beginning of her bath bombs, Ashley said that she started by making Minion bath bombs for her two sons to play with during their bath time.
Now, the boys want their bath bombs, but the bath bombs she’s making are for the customers and she has also hired three people to help fill her 300 orders from all around the world.
The pizza slices come at $7 apiece and she said that sometimes people order six slices at a time. “They’re making whole pizzas out of them. They’re wanting the whole pizza.”
She has other smell good bath bombs for sell on her sites as well as the yummy smelling pizza slice.

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