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TMZ is reporting that a disgruntled employee got one over on Marriott hotels after the was fired.
A New York man was fired from his position at a local Marriott hotel and after his firing, the hotel wanted the man to stay away from the company’s computer system.
That was one wanting that Juan Rodriguez wasn’t going to listen to when they let him go back in August because several weeks later he hacked the hotels reservation system.

That’s right, the disgruntled former employee decided to hack into the system change their normal rates to range from $12-$59 per night instead of their usual $159-$499 per night rates.
And yes, people saw the slashed prices and booked their rooms at the nice lower rates.
A court document stated that Rodriguez was caught because the IP address he used was from his NYC home.
The Prosecutors involved said that he slashed the rates on about 3,000 rooms and that the hack is costing Marriott more than $50,000.
Juan Rodriguez was arrested last week and charged with 3 felonies, which included computer tampering and computer trespass.