Raquel Pennington, Tecia Torres, Jessamyn Duke and Angela Magana were each hacked and their naked pictures have been spread across the internet. It’s fortunate and unfortunate, but the pics are all different with some of bathroom selfies and others were sexual contents, but either way, the pics were private. Fighter Angela Magana, 33, took Twitter […]

TMZ is reporting that a disgruntled employee got one over on Marriott hotels after the was fired. A New York man was fired from his position at a local Marriott hotel and after his firing, the hotel wanted the man to stay away from the company’s computer system. That was one wanting that Juan Rodriguez […]

Yesterday McDonald company’s corporate Twitter account pinned, sending out a tweet that was directed towards President Trump and mentioning former President Barack Obama. “@RealDonad_Trump You are actually a disgusting excuse of a President and we would love to have @BarackObama back, also you have tiny hands.” It didn’t take too long for McDonald’s to fix the problem… In […]

Rob Kardashian is apparently a savage. We’ve seen the reality star act out on social media before, whether it be because of his sisters or girlfriends of the past, but this time, Robbie went there! He started off by tweeting the cryptic message: https://twitter.com/robkardashian/status/780590678099189763 Then followed it up with what appears to be sister Kylie […]

It looks like Katy Perry‘s Twitter account may have been hacked, and the person responsible made sure they got their credit. Some pretty crazy tweets were going out from the singer’s timeline on Monday, including messages like “otf gang nigga!” and a “miss u baby” tweet to Taylor Swift. The person behind it appears to be someone with […]

According to VladTV, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star and former B2K boy bander Omarion is the first guy to fall prey to the hacked nude pics…

Now see…THIS is the reason people have a hard time figuring out what is true and what is bull. Because everything with Stevie J and…

Oh boy…this could be huge or it could be nothing at all…at this point we really don’t know. But the internets are a flame with…

Don’t be fooled by any talks of a social media civil war between BET and MTV, which are both owned by Viacom. It seems that the Twitter accounts of both media outlets have been hacked. Source

After dissing Ja Rule, Snoop, Wayne and Dre, the hacker boasted of breaking into Game’s account tweeting, “hack smack crack black click clack boom motherf***rs.” READ MORE

It seems the back and forth banter between 50 Cent and Ja Rule turned menacing after someone allegedly hacked Ja Rule’s official Twitter account. At 5:30 a.m., fans were surprised to see a tweet from the Inc. rapper giving in to nemesis 50 Cent. “Listen man, i was thinking, im sorry i slapped you, i […]