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Singer John Legend’s luggage was swiped Thursday evening when it was left unattended by a Delta greeter at Kennedy Airport.
Legend had reportedly just got of a flight from France when his bag was taken from the luggage cart it was left on.

The Port Authority cops went through surveillance footage where they were able to identify the suspect as 64-year old Agusto Hilario.
Hilario was later described as a “cabbie hustler” who was often arrested for illegally picking up cab fares and not a stranger to Port Authority cops.
After they realized who they were dealing with, they contacted him by cell phone and told him to return the bag.
“He said he was going to return it to the lost and found,” said one law enforcement source. “We told him to bring it to us then we arrested him.”
As of Friday, charges were still pending on Hilario.
According to TMZ, Legend’s luggage contained a pair of Cartier Panther cufflinks valued at $30,000, about $500 in clothes and a $500 pair of eyeglasses.
Today in a tweet, John Legend debunked the first reports by TMZ that said he picked a random guy for a ride. His tweet said, “This story is untrue. We use a trusted car service and they did not rob me. Our Delta greeter made a mistake and left a bag on the cart.”
His next two tweets said:

“The bag was taken because it was left unattended. The airport police caught the person who took it (on video) and retrieved my bag.”

“Thanks to the airport police/security. One could say it’s been “handled”.”


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