With only 12 days remaining until Christmas, holiday travel is expected to kick up something serious. Last year, U.S. airlines carried more than 72 million passengers, easily the most ever. Now thanks to a new study conducted by Magnify Money, we now have an idea of what are the best and worst airports to fly […]

Singer John Legend’s luggage was swiped Thursday evening when it was left unattended by a Delta greeter at Kennedy Airport. Legend had reportedly just got of a flight from France when his bag was taken from the luggage cart it was left on. The Port Authority cops went through surveillance footage where they were able to identify […]


Muhammad Ali Jr. was reportedly stopped and questioned at Reagan National Airport on Friday.

Faizon Love speaks out on the Airport Incident that happened a few days ago.  Check it out below!


Two months prior to the shooting, Esteban Santiago showed up at the FBI offices in Anchorage, Alaska unannounced.

The shooter is in custody and acted alone, according to Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief.

  Nine people were reportedly injured in a shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport. According to officials the shooter is in custody. CNN says “Parts of Fort Lauderdale airport were apparently evacuated on Friday after a security incident.” Footage shows large groups of people standing outside on the tarmac. Sending our thoughts and prayers to those injured. […]

Mama Thugger is the real OG for having her son admit that he was wrong.

The "Jeffrey" rapper was upset that the ladies refused to be bribed and wouldn't let him on the plane.

Another terrifying shooting happened yesterday when a disgruntled former employee gunned down a man in Oklahoma’s Will Rogers World Airport parking lot. The victim was Michael Winchester, 52, and father of Kansas Chiefs’ long snapper, James Winchester. Both Michael Winchester and the shooter, Lloyd Dean Buie both worked for Southwest Airlines. In 2015, the shooter resigned from […]

The 90’s rap star Vanilla Ice can be seen in video having a meltdown at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport for missing his flight out. Vanilla Ice, real name Robert Van Winkle, was recorded by a female bystanders with a description of calling what anger a “temper tantrum.” The woman and other bystanders were also blaming […]