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Source: Krzysztof Ryder / Getty

A Black man’s great execution of deescalation tactics was caught on video. In the middle of a fight between two teens, the man called out how many of the spectators were recording the incident on their phones. He insisted, “Everybody have ya phone out. All you, you the real cowards.”

Though some teens observing the situation continued to laugh, the two fighters took a break from their scuffle to hear the older man out. He tries to help the two teens realize that regardless of their beef they’ve still become a spectacle that other people benefit from. “Listen to that, they all laughing lil’ bro,” he tries to explain to one of the teens.

The man further gets to the root of the two teens’ conflict, acknowledging one’s need to defend himself and the other teen being “ill-advised” by people that don’t really care for him. In regards to the laughter their fight elicited, the man asserts, “anybody that can laugh at you, while you upset like that, they ain’t your friend.”

The man finally ends the conflict by making the two combatants shake hands. You can watch the full video below and let us know what you think.


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