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Actor, Michael Ealy took to social media the other day to show his stand against the immigration order that President Trump signed. We know that this order bans Muslims from entering the United States and keeping people with legal paperwork from re-entering the U.S. too.
The actor who is usually private about his personal life is speaking out to show that he doesn’t support this ban because his wife is an Afghanistan-American who he married in Oct. 2012.
The selfie that Ealy posted on his IG is a picture of him with his wife of four-years Khatira Rafiqzada with the caption “#NoMuslimBan“.
Early isn’t the only celeb taking a stand against the order, we’ve seen others such as

Sick to my stomach today about the 

Don’t understand why? Go to @Stl_Manifest & learn the awful history of US rejecting refugees

“I don’t live my life in a social way,” Ealy said to Wendy Williams in a 2016 interview, “I don’t put everything out on social media. I don’t live that reality lifestyle. At the same time, I’ve always been private, ever since I was in high school. Like, people think, ‘Oh, you’re in Hollywood,’ I’m like, ‘No,no.’ If you knew me in high school, you knew. I learned then, if you want something to work, if it means that much to you, keep it to yourself.”

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