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Comedian Gary Owen participated in an episode of “Wife Swap” with actor Michael Ealy, and let’s say, hazel-eyed Ealy might have stolen the attention of Owen’s forever bride. Owen posted a photo to Instagram hilariously capturing the moment Ealy stole the attention of Gary’s wife, Kenya. In the flick, Kenya can be seen cuddling up to Ealy’s […]

Actor, Michael Ealy took to social media the other day to show his stand against the immigration order that President Trump signed. We know that this order bans Muslims from entering the United States and keeping people with legal paperwork from re-entering the U.S. too. The actor who is usually private about his personal life […]

Michael hit Instagram with a photo of his mini-me's wrinkly little toes and it was super cute.

Black Hollywood comes together to combat systemic racism in the "Somebody Is Today" PSA.

It's a good time for sexy Black men in Hollywood. And of course, for us, the women who love them.

Romantic thriller The Perfect Guy exceeded predictions at the box office, opening strong and taking the top spot in ticket sales over the weekend. According to…

With the summer winding down, old flames and promising prospects are anxiously awaiting the start of cuffing season. For those hoping to find romance this…

Sanaa Lathan will play two major roles in the upcoming film adaptation of Omar Tyree’s classic urban book, Flyy Girl. On screen she will star as the main…

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O.M.G. For all the women out there daydreaming about the always charming Michael Ealy, get ready to grab a tissue as he shatters all your dreams with the new romance thriller “The Perfect Guy“. Alongside Saana Lathan and Morris Chestnut, Ealy proves sometimes, the perfect guy is just too good to be true.   Check out the […]