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On Friday, in San Antonio, Texas  some customers at an Italian restaurant decided to voice their opinion against the owner by leaving a racist message on their receipt.
The owner, Fernando Franco, tells the news that he didn’t realize that a simple lunch with his wife at his own restaurant, Di Frabo, would end with this disgusting note to him.
“The manager came to me… and he said that last couple they left this note,” Franco said.

Franco has owned this Italian restaurant for over 1 1/2 years and this is the first time anyone has treated him this way too.
The note that was left regarding Fernando Franco said:

“The food was tasty, and the service attentive. However the owner is ‘Mexican.’ We will not return. ‘America first.'”

“I told my staff the good thing is that they said that the food was tasty and the service was attentive so I guess that’s a good thing,” Franco said.
After Fernando posted his note on social media, he says he started receiving a “tons of calls, texts and messages” about it. He also said that it’s just something that he’s never experienced before either.
“You fee a little bit disappointed,” Fernando said. “A little bit like you don’t know exactly how to react.”
He said that all he’s trying to do is to make a living for his family and although he’s not 100 percent sure who left him that note, he invites them back as customers.