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Tonight’s Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood season finale focused mostly on Princess Love and Ray J’s wedding (so, instead of getting a wedding special, they got an episode). The episode didn’t quite feel like a season finale, but whatevs. It opens on Ray J and Princess’ wedding week. They’re still in a rocky place, yet their guests are starting to arrive so ish is real. Princess, in addition to tension with Ray, is concerned that her father may not show up since they’re not on good terms either. There’s also the prenup drama looming. Remember, now Princess thinks she should get one to protect herself from Ray.


Speaking of that prenup, Ray J wasn’t supposed to know, but Princess told Brandi what she intended to do, and you know secrets never stay secrets in this universe. Brandi went and told Ray, and now he’s pissed. And Sonja still doesn’t think they should get married in the first place so she’s just biding her time, high-key hoping they call it off.


Let’s get to their wedding welcome party. Ray J and Princess looked nice, but it got ugly fast. Ray brought up Brandi telling him about the prenup at their wedding the party because everyone on this show thinks special occasions are the best places to bring up hardcore information. Princess got pissed at Brandi (as if she didn’t snitch on Brandi when she opened the store behind Max’s back).


She claimed that she planned to tell Ray eventually, but just didn’t at the moment because of the tension they’ve been experiencing, and now she looks shady because Brandi snitched. The thing is, when was she going to tell him if they were having tension all the way up to their wedding week? Anyway, Princess decided that she will kick Brandi out of the wedding for snitching.


The episode got really real for a hot second by delving into Teairra Mari’s drama. Nikki bailed her out of jail and expressed concerns about her behavior. Teairra acknowledged that she had an alcohol problem, but that she “can get it under control” on her own. Nikki said she sees similarities between Teairra and her brother, who also had an addiction problem that he thought he had under control, but eventually killed himself. That comparison made Teairra see the gravity of her situation and vow to get it together for real, for real and work on hermusical come back.


Ray J and Princess’ had a joint bachelor party the night before their wedding, and there was drama, of course. There’s still a lot of tension between them, which obviously isn’t good. Ray J started acting petty, as per his usual, because he was pissed at Princess with the whole prenup thing. He told Princess he could be at the strip club turning up. She informed him that she could be doing the same. So, he had to one up her by cutting his time at the party short and leaving.

Cut to their wedding day.

Ray J actually went to his parents’ house, after leaving the party, instead of turning up which led to his epiphany that Princess is really the one. However, he never went home to Princess, who is obviously pissed. Ray J tried to talk to Princess while she was getting glammed up to walk down the aisle she insisted that she didn’t want to talk to him because he didn’t come home. But she’s already getting makeup done for…


Anyway, Lyrica Jr convinced Princess to work it out with him because, hello, you’re already getting ready for your wedding. Ironically, it was Sonja who saved the day. She convinced Princess to talk to Ray J after seeing how upset he was. After all that drama they obviously got married (if they make it to even a year we’ll all be shocked) and the best part of it all was Brandy singing “At Last” in honor of the happy couple.

Speaking of happiness, A1 was feeling good enough to apologize to Big Lyrica for his part in their drama and surprisingly, Big Lyrica agreed to make peace too.

And now we’re at the end montage where each cast member talks about all the wonderful things they have going on and the lessons they’ve learned, yatta yatta. We’ll catch up with them next week when they come to the reunion, dressed like it’s prom, to fight and pretend that they’re classy.


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