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Football in motion over grass

Source: Thomas Northcut / Getty

Meet the first female kicker in North Penn High School’s history, Kelly Macnamara.


Kelly is a sophomore in high school and when she heard that the team’s varsity kicker had graduated, she decided to try out.
The first question would be, a does this girl know football?
Well, no, she has never played football before, but she does a lot of history with the game soccer.
As a soccer player, Kelly knew that this would gave her that leg strength that you would need be a kicker on a football team.
Kelly does want to reassure you that she did not want special treatment for being the only female on the team.
This is what she had to say about that:
“I’m still doing everything every sophomore does. I carry in the water bottles, I clean then, I take all the balls and put them away.”
Kelly is part of the reason that her high school football team, The North Penn Knight currently have a 7-0 this season.
She beat the odds being a female, playing a game that she’s never played before and because of that, Kelly is currently the fourth ranked kicker in the state of Pennsylvania.
The teammates were the most excited was when Kellty “destroyed the kick returner” when he tried to run it back.

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