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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood opened up with Ray J and Max talking about their respective relationship drama—Ray J with Princess Love and Max with Brandi. Princess Love is mad at Ray J for being too much into his businesses than he is wedding planning. Max is still mad at Brandi for the whole $27 stacks debacle, but he said he’s willing to forgive Brandi. Then Ray J had the nerve to say he was coming out with a relationship advice book.


A1 and Lyrica moved into their home and decided to throw a wedding reception, but they’re going to tell people it’s a housewarming shindig—as if they’re crazy moms are going to let the fact that they got married on the low fly. Cut to the “wedding reception.” After Lyrica and A1 made the announcement, Lyrica’s mom, Big Lyrica, chastised them for their actions. Then, A1’s mom got at Big Lyrica, claiming she’s probably just mad that they got married in general. Big Lyrica ended up just leaving the party, which wasn’t a total bust, but this is exactly why they eloped in the first place.


Max and Brandi finally made up at their son’s birthday party. Brandi actually managed to have an emotionally mature conversation where she apologized for her actions and she and Max hugged it out.


Cut to yet another event—the launch of Nikki’s line at Rosa Acosta’s store. Nikki rehashed what happened when Safaree busted her making out with Rosa to her girls. Eventually, Rosa showed up fashionably late. She walked in with her new boo, a masculine woman named Carter. Rosa introduced Nikki to Carter and Nikki started showing out by flirting heavily with Carter. Rosa and Nikki then got into it. Nikki felt some type of way, but wouldn’t admit it. Rosa demanded an apology and Nikki never delivered. We’ll be seeing Rosa and Nikki back together again in no time, though—and Safaree won’t be too far behind either.


Ray J had an event for his brand, the bippity boppity boo Skoot-E Bike store. Just when it looked like Princess Love wasn’t going to show up, she came through at the end…with a wedding planner. Princess figured that since Ray wasn’t into wedding planning with her they should just get married at his store and get it over with. However, Ray J decided that he wasn’t about to get married in his store, or in any random location and finally compromised. He promised that he would be present for Princess, moving forward.


At the end of the episode, Big Lyrica confronted A1 about eloping. She blamed him for the elopement. A1 kept trying to explain that he and Little Lyrica made the decision together, but Big Lyrica wasn’t hearing it. She was throwing shade and dramatics about A1 giving her daughter a “two dollar wedding.” She then asked about her dogs, which is what she claimed she was there for. A1 said that Little Lyrica took the dogs, but offered Big Lyrica and photo of he and Little Lyrica’s wedding day, and she smashed the photo and left (which was unnecessary). That’s when A1 went and let the dogs back in the house from the backyard on some extra Petty Pendergrass ish. Checkmate.


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