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Beyonce Amir

Source: Amir Diamond / Amir Diamond

Kanye’s “The Life Of Pablo” tour was trash. I left thinking “Did I really just pay my money for this?” It was lowkey expected though. Yeezy always thinks he’s being creative and artistic. I just couldn’t get with the fact that he performed with limited lighting and heavy fog. The only thing I could make out the entire show was his shadow! SMH If you saw his “Glow In The Dark” Tour in the Woodlands, then you KNOW that this wasn’t his best work.

And to my beloved Beyonce: you wrecked it! You’ve never disappointed. And no, this isn’t a biased review. Bey & Ye are BOTH in my top 3 fav artists, so I feel like I have the right to tell you like it ’tis. Lol If you saw both shows, who do YOU think did better?

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