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It’s something that we’ve read in the headlines before, but now we have the former NFL running back Fred Taylor telling us his story.
Yesterday, Fred took to his Twitter page to share his feelings about what doctors reported his test results to him about his body and previous injuries.

Fred Taylor said in a series of tweets on Wednesday that he’s learning that these basic sprains and minor injuries were actually something more serious.
Read Fred Taylor’s Tweets:

Visited Chicago last week for full Ortho exam. Took 11 MRIs and 12 X-rays. Got results yesterday. Somehow I played career with fractured->

clavicle, 2 partially torn labrum, one in each shoulder. I’m Appalled! I was never told this as a player. Oversight? Or BS!

I’ve always gotten a sensation n my shoulders but I though it was fatigue. All these years have passd and now I discover my shoulders jackd

Even through all the injuries and the lingering injuries, somehow The league still manage to deny my “Line of Duty” benefit 3 times.

Seems the “neutral doctors” we are referred to by the league overlooked the injuries and issues I currently deal with. Nice job guys

This isn’t a pity party. Just sharing part of the business with you all. I’ve always been a TOUGH mutha*** you play hard injuries happen

They gave me this stupid nickname “fragile Freddy” after I had TORN my groin off the bone. Somehow it 2 was diagnosed as a minor strain.
9:17 AM – 31 Aug 2016
To his surprise, Fred Taylor learned that the injuries and the pains that he felt in his shoulder and such were actually real injuries that needed serious medical attention.
When Taylor tweets about “Line of Duty” disability, he’s referring to a benefit that players who have incurred “substantial disablement arising out of the NFL football activities” are considered eligible for.
Except Taylor tells us that he’s been denied, twice for any disabilities for his injuries and unfortunately, his injuries weren’t documented during his playing days weren’t as severe as the injuries that his doctor reported to him.
Taylor was drafter ninth overall in the 1998 NFL Draft by Florida’s Jacksonville Jaguars. He was on the Jags from 1998-2008 where he was then released after 11 seasons and later signed with the New England Patriots for a 2-year contract.
While he played those 13 years in the NFL, Taylor was in the 2007 Pro Bowl and currently ranks 15th all-time in rushing yards with 11,695,