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Gatorade is brining J.J. Watt and his father John Watt while they show a special visit to the firehouse in their hometown, Pewaukee, Wisconsin.
J.J. is given the chance to train like a firefighter for the day and to experience what his father did during his 28-years as a firefighter.
“As a kid whenever I would visit the fire station, I was scared of the trucks, I was scared of the ambulance because I only associated them with my dad getting hurt,” J.J. said.
The Chief Andrew Norris hands J.J. his own fire helmet that says “WATT” on it and J.J. says, “I always wore my dad’s as a kid, now I finally have my own” and J.J. was happy to show his dad, “Look!”
His dad’s there every step of the way during his firefighter training day too… his dad John.
J.J. gets prepped for his day of training and he asks the guys, “do you do it in full gear?”
Of course they tell J.J. “yes,” and Lieutenant Marvin Harry explains to us, “The ensemble that we wear is 50 to 75 pounds once we have the pack and everything on. And unlike athletes, we don’t know when the game is. We don’t know how long it’s going to be so we have to be pre-hydrated and ready to go.”
John Watt ask J.J., ‘How does it feel?” J.J. says, “I’m hot, very hot.”
His dad John says, “You haven’t done anything yet! Well, get a taste of it today and see how it goes.”
J.J. goes out and to do workout training in full gear and he says, “I don’t think anybody understands what this gear does to intensify a workout. That’s real.”
John says, “That’s real tough just bending over in that stuff isn’t it?”
J.J. says, “I respect the hell out of that, that’s incredible. I mean, I am dying, I am drenched.”
After doing the “combat challenge,” and the evolutions, J.J. says, “I work my a** off at my job everyday, but because I love it. But at the end of the day if I screw up, I have a bad play, but theirs is life and death.
To me there’s no comparison, we get headlines you know and we’re playing a game. You know these guys don’t get the headlines, but they’re the ones that save lives. Between them and the police and the military those are the people that are doing something that matters because they’re true heroes. I’m just a guy who chases a ball around, that’s all.”

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