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Star Trek Beyond hits theaters this Friday. The latest film in the saga follows a surprise attack in outer space that forces the Enterprise to crash-land on a mysterious world. While trying to get their bearings and figure out a way home, they are forced to work together to overcome the forces of the evil Krall.

All throughout this film, there are glimpses of a more tolerant universe where despite war and chaos, people accept you for exactly who you are. Simon Pegg, who plays the legendary character Scotty, explained why people love Star Trek in this clip he shared on Twitter:

It’s about cooperation, living together, tolerance, and harmony.

So I asked him and the rest of the cast about the Black Lives Matter movement and why America should be more like Star Trek.

Everyone seems so keen to just disagree these days,” Simon replied. “There is this sort of grand swell of discontent. You can’t seem to say anything without someone taking umbrage and sort of arguing with you. You’re absolutely right, you should be able to say that. Anyone who says all lives matter doesn’t understand what Black Lives Matter means.”

The rest of the cast has equally valid points. Zoe Saldana chimed in:

“We have to make sure that all of us are working towards that… so that one day we won’t have to describe a life as any other secondary adjective, but just a life.”

Zachary Quinto quoted Mother Theresa, before adding, “We’ve all become so focused on what makes us different and what separates us, and not this connection that we share of humanity that I think overarches everything else. We’ve really gotten far away from that.”

Go see Star Trek Beyond in theaters everywhere tomorrow.


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