All throughout this film, there are glimpses of a more tolerant universe where despite war and chaos, people accept you for exactly who you are.

IT’S STAR WARS WEEK!!!!!! But that doesn’t mean Trekies don’t have anything to excited for! (Honestly why do people think that people who like Star Wars can’t like Star Trek, I love em both!) Today Paramount decided it was gonna steal a little shine from the Galaxy far far away (since Star Wars stole the […]

Cali native Chris Pine has starred in films such as Smoking Aces, Star Trek and most recently Unstoppable. After catching “Unstoppable” this weekend I had to take a double take and make a mental note to add him into the “Midday Sexy” club! Such a cutie he is!! Enjoy gals :)


Via The trailer for “Unstoppable” rolled onto the Internet over the weekend. Loosely inspired by real events, the film stars Denzel Washington as a seasoned train conductor who must team with his rookie counterpart, played by Chris Pine, to stop an unmanned, runaway freight train…or as Pine’s character puts it – “to run this […]