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Two dogs sitting side by side

Source: Marli / STOCK4B-RF / Getty

In Australia, they have Wollongong Animal Rescue Network, a rescuing organization that helps abandoned, neglected or injured animals find a good foster home.
Some of these dogs are on death’s door or about to be euthanized, but with the help of the Wollongong, that doesn’t happen.
Thankfully, they have a family who also believes that everyone deserves a second chance…  the Stole family.

This family is known for their rescued two dogs who at one point needed to be rescued and fostered too. They were one of those injured, neglected or abandoned animals.
Now, they are being recognized for their amazing nurturing ways… these two pit bulls named Patty Cakes and Pikelet Butterwiggle help mentor or mother the animals that the Stolls take in for fostering.
In the past, they’ve saved a puppy named Potato and they helped two fuzzy ducklings too.
Now, they are foster sisters to an young baby pig that’s named “Punk.”
Punk is a Saddleback pig that was removed from her mommy and sold for profit.
She’s less than 2 weeks old and the people who originally wanted to buy her gave her up…. that’s where the Stoll family comes into play.
These three are an adorable trio, Punk the pig likes to snuggle with her foster sisters Patty and Piketlet like they’re her mommas.They’re showing to the world that the Pit Bull bred isn’t a bad bred.